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The Côte Sauvage


Take advantage of your holiday in Le Croisic to explore the joys of the ocean and the Loire-Atlantique region's Côte Sauvage, or Wild Coast, which runs along a 15 km stretch from Le Croisic at its north end to Le Pouliguen at its south end. Start your journey at the port of Le Croisic (France's top fishing port for pink shrimp), then take the Sentier des Douaniers along the coast, the perfect trail for a walk or even a bike ride (certain sections are bikeable).

As you head towards Batz-sur-Mer, you'll be sure to spot the rocher de l’Ours, a huge rock shaped like a bear, the granite cliffs, the salt marshes, and the shellfish harvesters' villages... In Batz-sur-Mer, Valentin beach, the Moulin de la Falaise windmill, and the Salt Marshes Museum invite you to relax and explore. Farther along, you will discover Le Pouliguen, home to two very different coastlines on the two sides of the Penchâteau point. The coast on the western side of the point is a continuation of the rocky cliffs of the Côte Sauvage, while the eastern side offers a far gentler shoreline which continues on to the La Baule beaches.


Le Croisic, a small and authentic town with wide horizons!

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Water activities

Get your fill of thrills: sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, fishing, and more...

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The Océarium

Dive into the world's seas and ocean's at France's 6th largest aquarium.

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The Brière nature park

La Grande Brière, France's second largest marsh, is an invitation to tranquillity.


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