Booking résidence le Croisic

The Croisic Ocearium

Located at the entry of the port of Le Croisic, the Océarium, one of France's largest private aquariums, is the perfect spot for the whole family to discover the seas and oceans of the world. This fabulous trip will take you stops like a lagoon full of colourful exotic fish, a tank full of Australian sharks, the Cyclades and the depths of the Mediterranean, a nursery which is home to the first stages of marine life, special basins dedicated to the Belle Ile and Ile d’Yeu, an African penguin exhibit, the Nautilus in homage to Jules Verne, and a transparent tunnel where you can watch a diver hand-feed over 200 species.

The Côte Sauvage

This seaside gem is a hymn to the sea: inlets, points, cliffs, and grottoes!

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Water activities

Get your fill of thrills: sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, fishing, and more...

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Le Croisic, a small and authentic town with wide horizons!

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The Brière nature park

La Grande Brière, France's second largest marsh, is an invitation to tranquillity.


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