Le Croisic tourism

Côte Sauvage
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Port du Croisic
Port du Croisic

Le Croisic, ideal for seaside holidays

Charm and authenticity

Located at the western end of the Guérande peninsula, Le Croisic is a particularly lively fishing and yachting port. It is the ideal starting point to discover the sandy beaches lined with beautiful villas, the wild landscapes and the footpaths. The omnipresent ocean invites you to travel and offers many water sports activities.

Whether you're an admirer of architecture, cultural heritage or simply a lover of tranquillity and nature, this small town of character between land and sea will appeal to you all year round.

The wild coast

Wild and indomitable

Discover the 15 kilometres of coastline along the Côte Sauvage, with its magnificent panoramas to explore on foot or by bike.

Côte Sauvage
Côte Sauvage
The Glenans, Pemfret island (29)

Water sports activities

The ocean as a playground

Le Croisic offers a wide range of water-based activities, giving you the chance to discover the Côte Sauvage from the ocean and get active for a sporty holiday.

The ocearium

A water ride from land

Dive into the heart of the seas and oceans with the 6e French aquarium.

Biggest aquarium in the world

PArc de Brière

Brière not to disturb

Come and discover France's second-largest marshland. The Grande Brière is both impressive and inviting.